Work crews are back in cleaning service, date of return to Havasu unknown | Local News



The fight against garbage along Arizona’s freeways has recently received reinforcements and more manpower is on the way. But when those extra hands get to Lake Havasu City is still pending.

State officials confirmed on Wednesday that inmate work crews from the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reintegration have begun to resume garbage removal and landscaping duties along the trails. state highways, under an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation. The Department of Corrections suspended all outdoor work programs in March 2020 as a safety measure during the pandemic. During the 15 months that the inmate program was suspended, there were reports of increasing amounts of trash and rubbish along many of the state’s highways, including State Route 95 through the town of Lake Havasu. .

The Department of Corrections announced on July 9 that it would resume its inmate work programs as part of Phase II of its reopening plan. Bill Lamoreaux of the Department of Corrections said Wednesday that teams from Lewis, Perryville, Tucson, Winslow and Yuma were already back.

Meanwhile, additional crews in Safford and Tucson are undergoing training before the inmates return to work along the highway. Lamoreaux said the ADRCR and ADOT are also working to get the Kingman and Phoenix West crews back on their feet as quickly as possible.

“The exact time and location of team deployment depends largely on training schedules, inmate availability, finalization of necessary paperwork, proximity to a prison complex and other factors that may be outside of ADOT’s control, “said Doug Nick, deputy director of communications at ADOT. are underway to resume inmate work in Mohave County, including Lake Havasu City, but we don’t have a schedule yet. “

Nick said the inmate team that conducts multiple cleanup efforts along State Route 95 through the city of Lake Havasu each year are based at Arizona State Prison in Kingman. He said ADOT is currently in the process of resuming its deal with Kingman Prison.

“ADOT intends to get the crews back to work as soon as possible,” he said. “The agency is making arrangements and finalizing the necessary agreements between the ADRCR, ADOT and local authorities such as county and municipalities.”


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