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The communications arm of the House of Delegates had to fight some rumors last week that House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay, could be one of the names recommended to Governor Jim Justice to succeed the former justice of the State Supreme Court, Evan Jenkins, on the bench.

Jenkins was appointed in 2018 to replace former Justice Robin Davis after he resigned in anger after being one of several justices impeached by the House of Delegates after a series of spending scandals that resulted in two former justices – Menis Ketchum and Allen Loughry – facing the federal government. charges. Jenkins then won a special election later in 2018 to serve the remainder of the 12-year term that ends in 2024.

As a result, there could be a special election for the vacant High Court seat under the current law. However, House Bill 4785 would allow a person appointed to a judicial vacancy to serve the remainder of a term as long as three years remained. This bill was introduced last Tuesday, the last day to introduce bills.

“The purpose of House Bill 4785 is to provide continuity to the court for the remainder of this term and to deal with similar situations when they arise in the future,” Hanshaw said. “We are always mindful of the need to maintain the stability of our justice system, which is why I believe it is in the interests of the entire state to establish beyond reasonable doubt how this position will be filled.”

So if not Hanshaw, then who? Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Trump R-Morgan? I’m told he’s not interested. I was told that there had been efforts to speak to attorney named Mark Carter, an on-and-off Republican Party attorney in the state, about justice. However, he has aligned himself with the party’s anti-Justice faction, so it’s not likely.

What about state auditor JB McCuskey? The former Republican member of the House of Delegates is a lawyer and the son of former state Supreme Court Justice John McCuskey. I’m sure some are planning to run for governor in 2024 and would want nothing more than to dismiss McCuskey, who is hugely popular at the polls and frequently travels the state working with cities and counties on transparency projects.

I don’t see McCuskey throwing his hat in the ring for justice, but stranger things have happened.

Teresa Toriseva, a Wheeling attorney and Democratic candidate for the District 4 House of Delegates against Republican Delegate Erikka Storch, represents Delegate Danielle Walker, D-Monongalia, in a lawsuit over a meme that included a photo of Walker with a photo of ‘a white-robbed member of the Klu Klux Klan to link his support for the 15-week abortion ban bill to eugenics as promoted in the Jim Crow South in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s.

Richard Demoske, president of the Berkeley County chapter of West Virginians for Life, resigned from the group and apologized for the meme in a letter after it was posted on social media in late January. He did not apologize to Walker, however.

While he thought he was clever in the meme, the problem is no one read it. When you post an image of a Klansman with a photo of a black woman, most will assume you’re making a racist threat. Was the image a threat? I am not aware of any criminal charges that have been filed. A court will have to determine whether the social media post was threatening.

In the Republican primary race for the new northern 2nd congressional district, much attention has been given to the ethics investigation of current 2nd congressman Alex Mooney. But it has come to my attention that 1st District Congressman David McKinley also received a warning from the House Ethics Committee.

According to Roll Call, the committee chastised McKinley for not changing the name of the engineering company he founded in Wheeling in the 1980s. McKinley disagreed with the committee’s findings, saying that he had received conflicting opinions on the matter.

Gov. Jim Justice will be the special guest at a political fundraiser for McKinley next month. Justice also gave McKinley an informal endorsement.

This fundraiser includes several hosts, including lobbyist Nelson Robinson. According to an internal Mooney campaign memo, Robinson donated money to the anti-Donald Trump Lincoln Project. They also pointed to a number of social media posts by Robinson attacking Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.

Also, a new poll from the conservative Club for Growth shows Mooney, although he includes many undecided voters. The poll, conducted between February 2 and 3 by WPA Intelligence of 406 likely Republican voters, found Mooney with 43% and McKinley with 28%. However, there were 27% undecided.

Worth noting: WPA Intelligence is the same company that has always said Woody Thrasher would beat Justice in the 2020 Republican gubernatorial primary.

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