Virginia AG teams up with conservative PAC against liberal prosecutors – NBC4 Washington

The Virginia attorney general is teaming up with a conservative political action committee to prosecute those they view as liberal prosecutors.

Republican Jason Miyares has had Democratic prosecutors in his sights since the campaign trail and is teaming up with GOPAC to help elect Conservatives.

Miyares has for months lambasted Democratic prosecutors in Northern Virginia for being what he considers too lenient on crime.

“This idea that we have that we can be softer on violent criminals is going to somehow create a more just society, frankly, is naive and counter-intuitive,” Miyares said. “It’s a distorted sense of justice.”

Miyares will serve as honorary chair of a new GOPAC project that will pump money behind conservative prosecutors to try to win the election, saying big donors helped Democrats win in Northern Virginia, particularly in counties in ‘Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun.

Miyares called Steve Descano of Fairfax County last week, saying if Descano hadn’t allowed Gerald Brevard III to plead less serious charges in the past, he wouldn’t have been free to shoot several homeless people. in DC and New York.

“Prosecutors, every day in every American jurisdiction, have to do what they can with the evidence presented to them,” Descano said last week.

Miyares said something similar Thursday when asked about a case his office is pursuing in Loudoun County.

Former Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputy Dustin Amos was recently arrested and charged with two felonies for soliciting a minor online. Virginia State Police say Amos ‘repeatedly texted’ who he thought was a 15-year-old girl but was actually a police officer and ‘expressed his sexual desire for her’ .

Miyares’ office offered Amos a deal in which he only pleaded guilty to one of the two crimes.

“You have to make individual decisions based on the evidence you have,” Miyares said. “It’s very, very different from established policies where you have a memorandum that is distributed to every prosecutor in your office that says, to the extent possible, do not meet the mandatory minimum sentences.”

Loudoun County attorney Buta Biberaj called Miyares a hypocrite.

“The deputy indicated that he had done it before,” Biberaj said. “What is Miyares doing to investigate these earlier incidents? What is he doing to ensure that these previous victims are actually taken care of? So if you want to put the victims first, what if you got the job done?”

Miyares would not comment specifically on the Loudoun County deputy’s case, but continues to oppose similar actions taken by prosecutors whom he attacks politically.

GOPAC says this new fundraising effort will support conservative prosecutors nationwide, not just in Virginia.

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