Veteran prosecutor G. Kannan dies while vacationing in Phuket

SINGAPORE – Veteran prosecutor G. Kannan died on Tuesday June 14 at the age of 52. He is believed to have died while vacationing with his family in Phuket.

A spokesperson for his family said they had requested privacy to grieve.

Deputy Attorney General Kannan, also a senior state attorney, was senior director of the criminal division in the Office of the Attorney General (AGC).

In 2018, he was awarded the Long Service Medal at the National Day Awards.

Some of the notable cases DPP Kannan has acted on include the ongoing one against oil legend Lim Oon Kuin of the Hin Leong Group and the condo killer crime in which Australian Andrew Gosling threw a bottle that killed a man 73 years old.

There were also the cases involving the management of the now defunct socio-political website The Real Singapore and the collapse of the Fusionopolis construction site which killed two workers.

Lawyers for the Straits Times said the legal fraternity was shocked by the news and expressed admiration for DPP Kannan.

Criminal lawyer Shashi Nathan said: “This is not only a loss for the AGC, but also a loss for the criminal bar as a whole, as many defense lawyers knew and worked with DPP Kannan and held him in high regard.”

He added: “The way he carried himself, even outside the courtroom, is something a lot of people should take inspiration from because he was a gentleman and a fair person.”

Criminal lawyer Amolat Singh said: “He was tenacious as a bulldog, once he sank his teeth into a piece of evidence he never gave up until he was shredded to pieces.

“But he also had a compassionate side, if he knew someone was going through a tough time, he always had time to stop and ask about their health, well-being and how we got by.

“At times like these, he showed a maturity way beyond his years.”

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