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Judge Shirley Troutman.

Harry Scull Jr.

Shirley Troutman, a western New York state judge for more than three decades, has been appointed by Governor Kathy Hochul to a vacant post at New York’s highest court – the Court of Appeals.

A spokesman for the governor said Monday evening that the appointment of Troutman, currently a member of the Appeals Division of the Rochester State Supreme Court, will be formally announced on Wednesday morning. If confirmed by the state Senate, she will be the second black woman to sit on the High Court.

“I am proud to appoint Judge Shirley Troutman to the highest court in New York State,” said Hochul. “Justice Troutman has a brilliant legal mind, an impartial judicial philosophy, impeccable qualifications and a commitment to equal justice that guides her approach from the bench. I have no doubt that she will serve with distinction on the New York State Court of Appeals.

Troutman has served as an Associate Judge of the Appeals Division since 2016. Elected to the State Supreme Court in 2009, she served as Erie County Judge from 2003 to 2009 and began her judicial career in 1994 following her election to the Buffalo City Court.

She received her law degree from Albany Law School and her undergraduate degree from the University of Buffalo.

Troutman has also been active in the community, teaching at SUNY Buffalo State and the University of Buffalo Law School as an adjunct professor. She is co-chair of the state’s Franklin Williams Commission, which advises the justice system on issues affecting employees and litigants of color.


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