The Howell family and prosecutors advocate for the execution of Julius Jones



The pardons and parole board will decide whether the next death row inmate who is to die will still be executed or whether he will be given a lesser sentence.

The Grace Audience for Julius Jones begins at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning. He is convicted of the murder of Edmond’s father, Paul Howell, in 1999.

Prosecutors and the Howell family believe the jury returned the correct verdict almost 20 years ago and that Julius Jones was the one who pulled the trigger, killing Paul Howell.

The state has previously pointed to Jones’ criminal past and his inconsistent alibi as evidence of his guilt.

Paul Howell’s sister Megan Howell Tobey says she is convinced Jones is guilty as she witnessed the murder and testified against Jones at the death penalty trial.

“When you feel so safe one minute and so happy the next minute it’s utter devastation. You can’t trust anymore,” Howell Tobey said.

Investigators say Howell’s murder happened in a 1999 carjacking after taking his sister and two daughters to Braum’s house after buying school supplies.

Jones was arrested for the Howells murder the same year, he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death in 2002.

Jones is to be executed on November 18 if clemency is denied.


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