The Egyptian prosecutor’s office ordered the imprisonment of 7 defendants for drug trafficking

CAIRO – April 27, 2022: Egypt’s public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday ordered the incarceration of seven accused members of a gang that specializes in smuggling narcotics from the east of the canal to its west for trafficking.

According to the Prosecution statement, huge quantities of narcotics were seized with the accused along with sums of money estimated to total nearly LE 1 million.

The statement adds that the prosecutor received a report from the General Administration of Narcotics Control which included the results of conflicting investigations which included the formation of a gang which includes ten members who aim to smuggle and trade in narcotic substances. from east to west of the channel.

Controlling the drug market system and tackling any attempts at fraud and manipulation through fake outlets or electronic applications are at the top of the dominating issues of Parliament’s Health Affairs Committee.

Councilor Dr Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House of Representatives, recently referred a bill submitted by the government to amend certain provisions of Law No. 127 of 1955 relating to the practice of the profession of pharmacist to a joint committee constitutional and legislative affairs. Committee.

The legislation provides penalties for strengthening the control of illegal practices of fraud and sale of drugs of unknown origin through false outlets or unlicensed institutions or via the Internet.

Dr. Ashraf Hatem, Chairman of the House of Representatives Health Affairs Committee, says the committee is keen to discuss all issues related to the control of the drug market and to combat attempts to sell unknown or fraudulent drugs .

The Chairman of the House Health Affairs Committee explained that there are measures that must be taken to limit specialized electronic applications for the sale of drugs without regulating them. He pointed out that the committee recommended the speedy publication of the regulations implementing Law No. 206 of 2017 concerning the regulation of advertisements for medicines and medical products in order to combat false medical advertisements, or to bring radical changes to the current law, with the activation of the committee responsible for the advertising content of the channels.

Hatem pointed out that the problem with the medical products advertising law is that it was enacted before the formation of the Medicines Authority and the Nutrition Authority, which necessitates arranging the law with the presence of these organs.

The chairman of the House of Representatives Health Affairs Committee has called for activating the role of the Medicines Authority in regulating the supervision and inspection of all outlets through which the medicine is sold, whether electronically or in stores, explaining that the Medicines Authority was formed recently, and it is difficult to judge its performance at present.

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