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LEWISTOWN – Mifflin County’s tax assessment files will soon be available online.

Merry Bratton, director and chief assessor of the Mifflin County Tax Services Department, announced Thursday at the regular meeting of Mifflin County Commissioners the launch of a web application called Courthouse Online. The app is available on the county’s website at

Bratton said there is no charge for the use of the service by those who access their own individual records.

“What this means for Mifflin County taxpayers is that they will be able to access their individual property records online using an identification number and password.” Bratton said. “This information will not be printed on all property tax bills, starting with the next school tax bill you will receive on August 1.”

Bratton said that once the link is clicked, users will use the “My Property ID” option.

There is also a paid system allowing people working in the real estate sector to access files.

“What this means for local real estate professionals is that they will be able to access all of the county’s property assessment records through a paid subscription service,” Bratton said, explaining that professionals would use the “Online subscriber connection at the courthouse” functionality.

Bratton said any questions regarding the service can be directed to the Tax Assessment Office at (717) 248-5783.

Also on Thursday, the commissioners reached a cooperation agreement with the Township of Brown for a bridge replacement and rehabilitation project on the West Railroad Street Bridge.

Commissioner Robert Postal said the project is part of the county’s bridge improvement program and is an example of local money at work.

“This is one of the structurally deficient bridges that is part of the bridge improvement program that we pay with the local $ 5 fee that we all pay when we renew our (vehicle) registration each year.” The post explained. “It just happens to be the biggest bridge (in the program). This is the bridge that serves Lumber City, and it begins. This deal allows us to participate with the $ 5 we all pay. “

In the other cases on Thursday, the commissioners:

¯Approved the minutes of the June 17 meeting;

¯Approved the payment of county bills;

¯Accepted the treasurer’s report;

¯ Amended action taken on June 17 to exempt Township of Armagh tax collector Linda Marks from collecting 2021 per capita tax bills as presented, correcting the total from 39 to 38;

¯Approved a reimbursement request for part of the county’s property taxes from 2016 to 2021 in the amount of $ 466.48 for a parcel in the township of Granville because a garage was the subject of a double assessment;

¯Approved an agreement with Security Microfilm Program Storage to move the microfilm from the Office of the Prothonotary / Clerk of the Courts of Iron Mountain to the State Archives in Harrisburg, PA;

¯Approval of a consultation agreement with the State College’s MCM to review the proposed broadband project in the amount of $ 4,296. County Emergency Services Director Phil Lucas said this would potentially allow a broadband service provider to place equipment on the county’s 911 towers, provided it does not interfere with the radio network. county emergency;

¯Approved an agreement with LOGISYS of Missoula, Montana for the upgrade of the CAD GIS, in the amount of $ 15,345 for a one-time payment and an annual payment of $ 1,170. Lucas said it would improve the accuracy of determining the location of a 911 call. Lucas said the information currently provided an accuracy of less than 200 yards, the new system would be within 50 yards horizontally and would also allow dispatchers to more accurately determine which floor of a multistory structure the call is coming from;

¯Renewals approved for the purchase of child and youth service agreements with the following for the period June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022: Wendi Baker of Lewistown as performer at $ 15 per hour, Robert Covell from Huntingdon for ad litem tutor services $ 65 per hour, Josephine Souders from Lewistown as a court certified interpreter at $ 60 per hour with a minimum of two hours, Faith and Grace Learning Center in Martinsburg to provide summer camp opportunities for children in foster care by CYS at $ 25 per day or $ 100 per week, George Junior Republic as a residential treatment facility used by probation and CYS at 82, $ 94 per day up to $ 422.20 per day with a rate determined by the state due to psychiatric needs, Families United Network of Muncy for the licensing of foster homes at $ 29.51 per day up to $ 214.31 per day as determined by the state se lon if there is a therapeutic need in the foster home, Family Care for Children and Youth Inc. of Milton for family services and kinship care for CYS at $ 37.09 per day up to $ 69.80 per day as needed at home, Clear Vision Residential Treatment Services Inc. of Montgomery as a residential treatment center used by probation and CYS at $ 199.59 per day;

Approved a request for assistance to the county for the allocation of 2021 liquid fuels from the Township of Bratton in the amount of $ 2,243;

¯Approved Brandon Platzer’s resignation as part-time correctional officer, effective July 4;

Approved the hiring of Ryan Snyder as a part-time correctional officer, effective July 12.

The next scheduled meeting of the Mifflin County Commissioners is July 15 at 9:00 a.m. in Meeting Room A on the second floor of the Mifflin County Courthouse in Lewistown.

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