South Dakota casino thief gets 12 years in prison, prosecutor says


Posted: Aug 22, 2021, 8:21 p.m.

Last update on: Aug 22, 2021, 10:53 a.m.

A 27-year-old defendant in a spate of gambling property heists in South Dakota has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison.

Sentencing was handed down last month by U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey L. Viken
Scene from Rapid City, SD, pictured above. A series of casino heists led to one of the three defendants being sentenced to 12 years in prison. (Image:

Shannon Larive of Rapid City, SD will follow her incarceration with five years of supervised release. He must also pay a fine of $ 200.

The sentence was handed down last month by US District Court Judge Jeffrey L. Viken in Federal Court in South Dakota.

Larive was convicted of obstructing commerce by theft and use and brandishing of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to South Dakota Acting United States Attorney Dennis R. Holmes.

The thefts took place between March 16 and 21, 2020. Larive allegedly robbed three casinos in Rapid City and attempted another armed robbery, Holmes said in a statement.

Larive brandished a gun and demanded money from a casino employee during each of the heists. With each robbery, the casino employees gave money to Larive. He was eventually apprehended. Police chased down his car and ran after him after he fled the vehicle, authorities said.

Dozens of .22 caliber cartridges were seized from Larive’s car. Authorities also seized a .22 caliber pistol. Larive threw the gun down as the police chased him.

Other accused charged

Other defendants have also been arrested for their involvement in the robberies, officials said. Nicholas Allen Butler, 19, has previously pleaded guilty to first-degree theft as part of the 2020 robbery at Joker’s Casino in Rapid City, according to KEVN, a local television channel. Butler faces up to 25 years in prison. He could pay up to $ 50,000 in fines.

Karmen Englert, 36, has also been charged with the Joker’s Casino heist.

The trio reportedly used a shotgun in the junkyard. In addition, Larive and Englert allegedly robbed the Market Square Casino in South Dakota. Larive also allegedly robbed the Rushmore casino, also located in the state.

In October 2019, a man robbed the Jokers Casino South, also in Rapid City, KOTA noted. Approaching an employee of the gambling property, the suspect indicated that he was carrying a gun. He asked the employee to give him money.

The suspect was white and between 18 and 25 years old, and wore black pants and a black sweatshirt and black and white shoes and a white mask, according to the report.

No arrests were made in the case last year.

Rapid City Police Strike Force

Driven by the wave of thefts, the Rapid City Police Department organized a robbery strike force in March 2020. Twelve local businesses were stranded during the crime wave, including some casinos, KOTA, another local TV station reported.

The Rapid City incidents were investigated as part of the US Department of Justice’s Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) initiative.

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