Reinforcement of the police pursuits unit | PNG Loop

The prosecution unit has recently experienced transportation issues affecting its performance, which has sometimes resulted in unit members being late for court or missing hearings.

Commissioner Manning said, “Going to court and prosecuting our cases successfully is what policing is all about. Catching criminals is part of our job. If we don’t get to court on time or at all, the hard work we have done to capture suspects will be wasted and criminals will walk the streets free to commit crimes again.

He said that was why police leadership responded quickly to the unit’s request for a new vehicle. However, the commissioner indicated that the members use the vehicle for the intended purpose.

“Bus abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Take care of the asset and that will in turn make your job easier.”

NCD/Central Commander, Deputy Commissioner Anthony Wagambie thanked the Commissioner for the vehicle and promised that the bus would be well maintained.

Acting Metropolitan Superintendent Christopher Tamari received the keys to the bus at police headquarters in Konedobu and handed the vehicle over to the NCD Prosecuting Officer, Chief Inspector Bobby Alisa.

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