Quorum Court Approves Vehicle Purchases | News

JONESBORO – The Craighead County Quorum Court convened Monday to address issues including a resolution authorizing the purchase of four Chevy Tahoes for the Sheriff’s Department, a credit order for the Connect & Protect grant, the fund 3537 and a credit order to increase the authorized rate of pay for part-time employees to $15 per hour.

The first was the resolution to purchase four Chevy Tahoes for the Sheriff’s Department, exempt from the bidding process, which passed the full court after some discussion. Justice of the Peace Josh Longmire asked how much the vehicles would cost.

Judge Marvin Day explained that they would cost $44,000 each with the police package, although they would still have to add a few compound-specific items, such as lights and radio.

“We’ve been on the list since 2020,” Day said, noting that he had discussed the vehicles with Sheriff Marty Boyd, and that they felt they were badly needed due to the high mileage of today’s vehicles.

Another order that was discussed and passed by the full court was an appropriation order amending the 2022 annual operating budget to add fund 3537 to track Connect and Protect grant funds from the Justice Support Office of the Craighead County (BJA), who have become available to Craighead County for the purpose of the Craighead County Crisis Response Initiative.

Justice of the Peace Richard Rogers asked if the grant would be annual.

Day responded that the $549,995 grant is a three-year grant.

“This will allow us to create a new officer position that will be 100% funded by the grant,” Day said.

The goal of the Craighead County Crisis Response Initiative is to improve public safety responses and outcomes for people with mental illnesses or co-occurring mental illness and addiction issues who come into contact with the justice system.

He will help set up Crisis Response Teams (CITs) and enable staff to administer the program and help recruit and identify the new full-time Law Enforcement Officer, a CIT Coordinator, a mental health CIT coordinator, CIT trainers and a CIT coordinator. Speakers.

The court also passed a credit order to increase the maximum allowable hourly rate of pay for part-time county employees to $15 per hour, with limits of less than 80 hours per month.

Justice of the Peace Carolyn Lewis inquired about the previous rate of pay, which Day said was $13 an hour.

According to the appropriation order, the county’s maximum allowable hourly rate of pay for part-time employees has remained the same for the past two years.

Other elements that were discussed and adopted by the court include:

A resolution to support the Southridge Fire Protection District’s application for Arkansas Rural Fire Community Grant funding.

A resolution to appoint Doyle Hudson to the Valley View Fire Council.

A resolution to reappoint Ronnie Jones to the Cash Fire Board.

A resolution to reappoint Jerry Cook to the Egypt Fire Board.

Credit Order for Fund 3539, Risk Mitigation Grant, CR 7628-7629.

A 2021 Funds Transfer Assignment Order.

An emergency ordinance to enact a code of ordinances for Craighead County.

An emergency order to establish Fund 1006, ARPA’s Income Replacement Fund.

An emergency order to revise the salary administration policy for promotional increase eligibility.

After which the court adjourned to a special meeting of the roads committee to discuss and consider a dish for Adam Wall, CR 745.

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