Public prosecutor orders detention of journalist for incitement to hatred



Others have been released on bail in connection with the same incident.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Cybersecurity Crimes has ordered the detention of a journalist and the release on bail of others after investigation.

While covering the match between the UAE and Iraq national teams last week on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel ahead of the live broadcast, the defendants were charged with committing an act and posting a statement amounting to disorderly conduct, posted on the Internet.

The prosecution said it would violate public morals, harm the public interest and incite hate speech.

Those who have committed these crimes will be imprisoned for at least five years, will pay a fine of at least 500,000 Dhs, and a term of imprisonment and a fine not exceeding 50,000 Dhs.

The prosecution received a complaint from the Abu Dhabi media against the two persons mentioned and an unidentified third person.

An audio and video clip broadcast online showed the accused exchanging conversations as technical devices were tested before the live broadcast on the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel and in the analysis studio before the match, speaking words and phrases that would harm the public interest of the country. .

The show sent from the analysis studio’s TV production vehicle to the broadcast reception unit in the TV building was hacked and the published clips were seized and broadcast on some social media platforms on the internet.

After the prosecution started investigating the accused and made the decisions, he summoned officials from the Abu Dhabi sports channel and programs to complete the investigations.

The prosecution asked the responsible technical authorities to determine how the hacking occurred and who carried it out. They ordered the arrest of the people and the seizure of the tools used and opened an investigation into the incident.

Abu Dhabi media terminated the services of the three media professionals as a disciplinary measure for violating the Media Honor Code, professional ethics and their work.

The public prosecutor is continuing the investigation.



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