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LISBON – Faced with the need to redevelop courthouse space for the county attorney’s office, county commissioners voted on Wednesday to enter into a contract to purchase a property at the corner of South Market Street and West Washington Street in Lisbon.

The Commissioners authorized Commissioner Mike Halleck to sign the necessary documents for the purchase contract, which amounts to $ 290,000. The deal is with the current owner of the property, TP PA # 1 LLC, a company incorporated by Andrew Blocksom, which lists Benjamin Dickey as an agent, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

The property at 135 S. Market St. will require work to make the office space usable by the Vito Abruzzino County Attorney’s Office, prosecutors and staff. However, the commissioners believe that even the work that needs to be done will save the county money.

Abruzzino said he was happy and grateful that the commissioners are supporting the modernization needs of the prosecutor’s office, giving them the space that will allow them to develop.

“The problems of 2021 require solutions of 2021 and being on top of each other with lawyers sharing desks and working in the hallways was not something sustainable or effective. We will be able to build this space to match exactly what we want and save the county considerably on the over $ 1 million initially cited to completely redo the third floor of the courthouse ”, Abruzzino said.

Less than a block from the courthouse, the property is convenient for prosecutors going to court and also has parking.

While the third-floor prosecutor’s office will still need work for problems with water leaking into the building through this flat part of the roof, the offices will not need to be renovated. Some can be used for a conference table for meetings within the courthouse and some can be used for storage, which is greatly lacking in the courthouse.

In other matters:

– Commissioners approved a request from County Engineer Bert Dawson for the multi-highway paving program contract to be awarded to The Shelly Co. of Thornville, which was the only offer received at the Commissioner’s meeting on June 30 .

– The commissioners approved the annual resolution for a new alternative method of distributing money from the Local Governments Fund for 2022. The alternative plan allocates 50 percent of the LGF to the general county fund and $ 15,000 per year to each subdivision policy, including the county park district and the county general fund. Then, what remains will be distributed among the political subdivisions, with the exception of the county and county park district, according to the total population of the last census.

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