Prosecution considering second suspect in courthouse shooting case | Crime, police and courts

KANKAKEE — A special prosecutor handling the Miguel A. Andrade case said he will issue a warrant for the arrest of an uncooperative man when he appears in court on Friday.

The 28-year-old is suspected of involvement in the Aug. 26 shooting outside the Kankakee County Courthouse that killed Andrade’s cousin, Victor Andrade, 26, and Antonio Hernandez, 24, Waukegan . Miguel Andrade, 24, of Kankakee, is charged with shooting and killing Hernandez and has been charged with two counts of second degree murder.

The other man suspected in the incident was in court on two matters unrelated to the shooting.

“It’s a coincidence that he’s here today, your honor,” Special Prosecutor Dave Neal said. “The arrest warrant is for failing to appear to testify before the grand jury.”

The man said he was in hospital at the time of the grand jury hearing into the August 26 events.

“We checked, and he wasn’t in the hospital,” Neal told Kankakee County Circuit Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott.

Neal also filed a motion for immunity from prosecution for a minor male who had testified before the grand jury.

According to Cornell Law School, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the government from forcing witnesses to give self-incriminating testimony in criminal cases. Courts can circumvent this prohibition and force reluctant witnesses to testify by granting them immunity from prosecution.

During a court appearance on January 31, Miguel Andrade received a plea deal offer from special prosecutors for his role in the shooting. There was no mention of the offer during Andrade’s appearance on Friday, although Andrade’s lawyer, Cierra Norris, said she had received the offer from appellate prosecutors William Elward and Neal.

Andrade’s bond is $750,000. It was reduced by $3 million at a court date in November, according to Norris.

Andrade, his cousin Victor Andrade, 26, Kankakee, and the 28-year-old man were ambushed before 10 a.m. on August 26 by Hernandez as they walked to a parking lot south of the courthouse, where Victor appeared in court that morning. an unrelated case, according to Kankakee police.

Victor was Hernandez’s intended target, police said. Armed with multiple weapons, Hernandez shot and killed Victor and seriously injured the other man before being shot and bludgeoned by Miguel, according to police reports. Police say Miguel used an assault rifle he retrieved from a vehicle after Hernandez began shooting.

Miguel surrendered peacefully to two Momence police officers after shooting Hernandez, police say.

Police said the shooting was the result of an internal gang fight, as Victor was a former member of the Latin Kings and Hernandez was a current member.

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