Prosecution Concludes Evidence Stage in Prison Guard Case

The proceedings against two correctional officers who are charged with criminal responsibility for the suicide by suicide of Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu, have completed the evidence stage.

This information emerged in court when the compilation of evidence against Annabelle Cauchi, 51, of Żebbuġ and Alison Vassallo, 41, of Fgura, resumed on Wednesday.

The case against the two women began in November when they first appeared on summons, pleading not guilty to manslaughter as well as allegedly committing a crime they had to prevent.

Their alleged victim had attempted suicide at Corradino Correctional Center on June 16 and died a few days later at Mater Dei Hospital.

An investigation by magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech set out to gather evidence on the circumstances surrounding the detainee’s death, ultimately ordering police authorities to take criminal action against the two guards.

A copy of the files of this investigation has since been presented in the context of the proceedings pending before the magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo.

Considering the fact that the witnesses had all testified during the magistral investigation, which was qualified as “voluminous”, the inspector of the prosecutions Paul Camilleri informed the court that the prosecution had completed its evidence.

A copy of this investigation had already been made available to the accused’s lawyers who had to sift through the documentation to prepare their defense.

The ball was now in the defense court to provide evidence when the case resumes in May.

Lawyers Mario Mifsud and Herman Mula are defense lawyers. Lawyers Rachel Tua and Edmond Cuschieri represent the victim’s family.

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