Prosecution arrests man accused of murdering five family members at Giza farm – Courts & Law – Egypt

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The crime sparked an outcry on social media after the victims were found in a pool of blood on Thursday.

The five victims include a farmer, two of his daughters and two grandchildren, believed to be aged 5 and 10.

In a statement released on Sunday, the prosecution said they detained the man after hearing his confession and listening to testimony from seven witnesses, as well as an examination of the crime scene.

Police investigations revealed the suspected killer, a farmhand in his 50s, killed all five family members after he was caught sexually assaulting one of the girls, the statement said. ‘charge.

The defendant told the prosecution that he stabbed the farmer in the neck during a fight on the farm and planned to sexually assault the girl after drugging the rest of the family members.

The suspect said he planned to assault the girl in retaliation after her father refused to let him marry her and killed the others for fear of exposure.

The prosecution found the knife used in the crime and the alleged killer reenacted the crime, the statement said.

The prosecution has denied allegations on social media alleging an illicit relationship between the man and the farmer’s daughter, saying witness testimonies, the man’s confessions and investigations all refute these allegations.

The prosecution warned against speculating about the circumstances of the crime as investigations are still ongoing, stressing that those who smear people with false accusations may face legal action and penalties.

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