Prisoners who have completed the detox program handed over to families

Thirty-two prisoners who have completed the first drug rehabilitation program at Maafushi prison have been released to their families.

No detox programs for inmates have been conducted in Maldivian prisons before. The first batch of the rehabilitation program began in March this year, and those who completed the program were released to their families on Saturday.

Interior Minister Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu met the prisoners ahead of their release on Saturday. The Minister advised and encouraged prisoners to live as role models.

In a tweet, Minister Imran said the release of prisoners who have completed a drug treatment program in prison for the first time in the country’s history is a big step towards saving society from the scourge of drugs.

According to the Maldives Correctional Service, the activities of prisoners who have been released will be closely monitored for a year.

Seventy percent of inmates in Maldivian prisons are arrested for drug-related offences. The detox program conducted for inmates includes a detoxification phase as well as an educational component explaining certain religious practices and teaching them different skills.

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