Prime Minister of Tasmania – Recognizing the work of our dedicated correctional staff

January 21, 2022

Elise Archer, Minister of Correctional Services

Today is Corrections Day where we recognize and celebrate the important contribution of our hardworking staff to both the Tasmanian Prison Service (TPS) and Community Corrections every day.

Everyone who works in corrections faces incredibly difficult people and situations, but they play a vitally important role in keeping our community safe and helping to rehabilitate offenders.

A career in corrections can be incredibly rewarding as you have the opportunity to not only improve the lives of individuals, but also to make Tasmania a safe place to live.

I express my personal appreciation and thanks to all of our staff working in TPS and Community Corrections for the valuable work they do and, in particular, for the commitment, expertise and enthusiasm they bring. every day at their work.

I get to meet all of our recruits as they train and enter TPS and it is always encouraging to see the camaraderie, strong commitment and positive attitude towards prisoner rehabilitation.

The current COVID-19 environment means that the ability to hold events to mark the occasion is limited, but I know the TPS and Community Corrections appropriately acknowledge the day with staff.

There is a wide range of careers available in the field of corrections and I encourage anyone considering a career change to research current and future opportunities, including currently advertised corrections officer positions, and to consider the how they could make a real difference in life. others and our community.

Corrections Day is a national initiative held in January each year to recognize and promote the contributions of those who work in corrections.

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