Police send findings of Marshall rape investigation to court


The Marshall Police Department has referred two of the alleged attackers to legal authorities in connection with an alleged rape that took place at an after-prom party in May.

The two alleged assailants were turned over to prosecutors and juvenile officers on Friday, according to the Marshall Police Department. Police said they sent a probable cause statement to the Saline County District Attorney’s Office for review for one of the suspects because he is an adult. The office will decide whether to charge the adult with a crime.

The MPD said the other person was still a minor and a referral was sent to the Saline County Juvenile Officer for review. The officer and a judge will decide whether to punish that person in the juvenile justice system or face charges in adult court.

Students at Marshall High School left school in the middle of class to take to the streets to protest what many in the city saw as the school’s lack of response to the incident.

The ball took place on April 30. However, the Marshall Police Department told ABC 17 News that police did not begin investigating the incident until May 12.

The alleged assault has caused students and their parents to raise questions about student safety at school. The neighborhood issued a statement in May saying that because the incident happened outside of school grounds, he had “no jurisdiction in these types of incidents, but takes the disruption of the educational process at the school seriously. inside and outside the building.

New Superintendent Marshall said he will release a statement in the coming weeks. The Marshall Police Department and the Saline County District Attorney’s Office did not respond to requests for comment Friday.

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