Plaintiff in City protesters’ $ 5.75million lawsuit is coming back on the wrong side of the law – again

The George Floyd riots that ravaged our city last summer, especially in the first few weeks, were anything but peaceful. This is not second or third hand bullshit or information I found through Google. This is what I saw with my own eyes.

Stones and frozen water bottles thrown at the police; one night, two maniacs fired fireworks at officers. To gain control of the crowds, the police sometimes used tear gas, pepper spray and wooden bullets, and yes, a few “protesters” were injured. However, I maintain that the police would not have been forced to take such extreme measures if the protests had been peaceful.

The riots are a bountiful feeding ground for hungry avocados, and they swarmed like ravenous sharks into bloody waters and quickly filed a class action lawsuit.

In the city of Columbus, we don’t go to court or prosecute; we take out the checkbook and pay it out of the taxpayers’ penny. This is what happened with this case; the city paid $ 5.75 million. Once the lawyers take their usual 30% share, the rest of the pie will be divided among the 32 plaintiffs, or roughly $ 125,781 per litigant.

One complainant in particular caught my attention. His name is Terry Hubby Jr.

This may be the first time in Terry Hubby’s 32 years on the planet that

Terry Hubby Jr.

he was named the complainant.

Defendant, well, that’s another story.

Before reviewing the long and disturbing criminal history of the ex-inmate, let’s take a look back at the night of May 29, 2020.

In the lawsuit, lawyers for Hubby claim that Hubby met friends downtown around 9 p.m. at the intersection of State Street and High Street.

According to his lawyers, a large but peaceful crowd gathered in the streets to protest. The Columbus Police Division fired rubber and wood bullets into the crowd without warning, lawyers said.

According to the lawsuit, a wooden projectile shattered Hubby’s kneecap and required surgery to repair it. Hubby’s attorneys wrote: “Mr. Hubby suffers from type 1 diabetes, which makes any restriction of blood flow to his extremities dangerous, and he has been advised that his injury and the need to insert screws and plate in his knee have dramatically increased the likelihood that his leg will require amputation in the future. “

Therefore, Hubby walked away, or perhaps limped, with a large sum of money.

Back to my husband’s criminal resume.

My husband registered 17 cases with the Franklin County Municipal Court and three with the Franklin County Common Plea Court. Oh, and there are 24 reports in the Columbus Police Division file.

Assault, aggravated threats, domestic violence, criminal intrusion and harassment in telecommunications, to name a few.

Court records show that in 2018, Hubby spent six months in the Ohio Rehabilitation and Corrections Department for drug possession (cocaine) and firearm possession in a school safe zone.

Terry Hubby may not yet be able to take advantage of his windfall. A Franklin County grand jury indicted Hubby in October for carrying concealed weapons and handicapped weapons. He goes to trial in February.

My husband is free on a $ 20,000 bond.

SIDENOTE NOTE: At least a dozen of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit – more than a third – are white women.

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