Novak Djokovic contracted COVID-19 last month, lawyers say in court records


Novak Djokovic contracted COVID-19 last month but had no symptoms and had obtained written permission from the Australian Immigration Department before traveling to the country with a medical exemption from his vaccination rules, his vaccination rules said on Saturday. lawyers in a court case.

Number one Djokovic, who is in immigration detention in Australia after having his visa canceled on arrival Thursday, returned his first positive coronavirus test on December 16, but 14 days later “had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 72 hours, “the file says.

On January 1, Djokovic received “a document from the Home Office (which) told Mr. Djokovic that his” answers indicated (d) that he met) the requirements for an unquarantined arrival in Australia, “the documents added.

Djokovic was refused entry at Melbourne Airport on Wednesday evening after border officials canceled his visa for failing to meet his entry requirement that all non-nationals must be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19.

Djokovic received a medical exemption backed by the Victoria state government and the organizers of the Australian Open based on information he provided to two independent medical panels.

But it has since emerged that the medical exemption, allowed for people who tested positive for the coronavirus in the previous six months, has been ruled invalid by border officials.

Djokovic is preparing for his challenge in Federal Circuit Court on Monday.

Information from the Associated Press and Reuters was used in this report.


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