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If you have received a ticket, are involved in a dispute with your landlord, or have been charged with a misdemeanor, you will likely need to appear in one of the district courts in Anne Arundel County.

They are located at 251 Rowe Blvd. in Annapolis and 7500 Gov. Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. These courts have jurisdiction over a number of other matters, including replevin actions (a legal action that allows a person to recover personal property wrongfully or illegally taken and to obtain compensation for the resulting losses). result) and small claims suits ($5,000 or less).

Meanwhile, felonies, a host of lawsuits, and various other proceedings, like marriage licenses, are handled by the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court, located at 8 Church Circle in Annapolis.

The Circuit Courthouse also houses the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office, a law enforcement agency responsible for serving warrants and court documents as well as providing security at the courthouse.

The County Orphans’ Court and Registry of Wills Office moved out of the Circuit Courthouse in July of this year. Both are now located at 2011 E Commerce Park Drive in Annapolis.

Learn more about visiting the County Circuit Courthouse

The Circuit Court website offers a number of options for people who need legal assistance, from verifying their eligibility for public defender representation in a criminal case, to getting help from Maryland Legal Aid in a housing case, to need an input lawyer on a civil case or simply need to do some research at the People’s Law Library. The site will also guide you on other services offered at the courthouse, such as applying for a passport or business license. And, you can check out what’s on each courtroom’s docket that day.

The Anne Arundel County Public Defender’s Office is headquartered in Annapolis, although it has branches in both district courts. To learn more about the departmental branch of the Office of the Public Defender, go to

The Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes crimes in Annapolis and the county. It is headquartered in the Circuit Court, but has offices in both district courts. For more information on the State’s Attorney’s Office, you can visit:

All county courts are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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