Murder at Gurugram school: plea challenges Haryana’s refusal to prosecute 4 cops


PUNJAB and the Haryana High Court have issued an opinion to the Haryana government and the CBI on a plea challenging Haryana’s orders to deny the sanction of prosecution of four police officers in the murder case. ‘a seven-year-old in a private school in Gurugram in 2017.

The petition was brought by the minor’s father against Haryana State, the CBI and four other defendants – Narender Singh Khatana, Shamsher Singh, Subhash Chand and Barem Singh. The four police officers were indicted by the CBI for allegedly setting up a bus driver for the murder of the seven-year-old.

The applicant, through his counsel, Sushil K Tekriwal, argued that the State of Haryana made the contested order mechanically and without appreciating the facts and the guilt of the crime attributable to the respondents, more particularly without issuing a reasoned order denying the guilt and criminality committed by all the accused and also circumventing the facts, the evidence in the file.

It was further argued that the government of Haryana had committed fundamental, manifest and serious illegality and unconstitutionality in denying the sanction since the charges establish a prima facie case of the offenses allegedly committed by the four respondents.

“The disclosure statement, witness statement, memos and other relevant documents have been completely overlooked and ignored by the Haryana government,” the petitioner said in the petition.

Judge Arvind Singh Sangwan’s bench, after hearing the case, sent a notice to Haryana, CBI and the four respondents. The case was adjourned until November 81.

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