Legal Experts See Strong Self-Defense Claim For Rittenhouse | Crime and courts



Prosecutors would certainly be delighted to have the chance to try and shake up Rittenhouse during cross-examination before jurors.

How do legal experts see the case?

Under the law and case law on self-defense, Rittenhouse’s motives for being in Kenosha are irrelevant to whether he had the right to shoot when threatened, some legal experts say. What matters is what happened in the minutes surrounding the shooting, Branca said.

“If I had a 17-year-old son, I wouldn’t encourage him to adopt this kind of behavior. But bad judgment is not a crime, ”said Branca, who believes Rittenhouse has a strong case for self-defense.

While not directly related to the self-defense claim, legal experts have agreed that the question of why Rittenhouse was in Kenosha will weigh on the lawsuit.

“Everyone in this courtroom is going to think he deserved what he got because he put himself in a hostile situation. … ‘What are you doing over there with a gun?’ Said Bucher.

Branca said the law and the facts should lead to Rittenhouse’s acquittal, but said he was not sure that would happen.

“Trials are dangerous and unpredictable… and innocent people are condemned all the time,” he said. “So it’s entirely possible that Kyle Rittenhouse will be convicted in this case on the basis of this kind of rhetoric, despite the legal merits of the charges.”


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