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Jussie Smollett will not be allowed to call the Chicago attorney who dropped his hoax claims as a witness in his case.

The 39-year-old actor has been charged with 16 counts of filing a false police report after claiming to be the victim of a shocking racist and homophobic attack in Chicago in 2019 as it was alleged he knew that two men had been investigated. about the incident and allegations were made that he had organized the attack.

Jussie’s original charges were dropped by Cook County State Attorney’s Office Kim Foxx the same month they were filed, but in February 2020 he was charged again for allegedly organizing the attack.

And on Thursday (08/26/21), a judge in her case ruled that the former “Empire” star would not be allowed to call the prosecutor who dropped the first case as a witness in the new one.

Jussie’s legal team also can’t mention various prosecutions related to her case, although she can tell jurors about an AR-15 and other guns that were discovered after police raided. the home of the two brothers – Abel and Ola Osundario – who allegedly attacked the actor.

At the time of writing, no trial date has been set.

Meanwhile, Jussie said last year that he wished he could “scream on the roof” about his ongoing criminal case with the city of Chicago.

Addressing the matter on Instagram Live, Jussie explained, “It’s more than frustrating because being someone who talks so frankly… it’s been hard to be so quiet.

“Not being able to say everything you want to say, not being able to scream from the roof.”

Although he has maintained his innocence, Jussie does not feel optimistic about his case, saying the city of Chicago “will not give up.”

The actor also fears that the court is trying to make him an “example”.

Jussie said, “They won’t let go of this. It doesn’t matter. There’s an example going on.

“And the saddest thing is that there is an example of someone who did not do what they are accused of.”

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