I’m a lawyer – the self service shoplifting defense I use but it relies on one important factor

A LAWYER has revealed the defense she uses if people are charged with shoplifting after using the self-checkout – but there’s a catch.

Amanda Bynum represented a woman who faced allegations of theft while in a grocery store after scanning her own items.


A lawyer has revealed the defense she used to clear her client of a shoplifting charge1 credit: TikTok/attorneyamandabynum
Amanda responded to a man who had a stern message for Walmart


Amanda responded to a man who had a stern message for Walmart1 credit: TikTok/attorneyamandabynum

In a video on TikTok, Amanda responded to a man who said, “Hey Walmart, don’t piss me off if I forget to scan something at checkout.”

The defense attorney went on to tell her followers that she worked on a similar case and won.

She said: “I represented a woman who was buying a bunch of groceries a few weeks before Christmas during the 2020 pandemic.

“She accidentally didn’t scan three of the items in her shopping cart when there was a ton of stuff she was buying and she was charged with shoplifting.”

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I'm a lawyer - what to do if you accidentally shoplift self-service

Amanda says she was hired as the woman’s defense and helped her win her case.

She said: “I was able to make an argument to the prosecutor that he would not be able to prove that my client did not knowingly scan her groceries and the case was dismissed.”

In this example, there was no problem getting his client to drop the charge, but if there was other evidence that she knew about the material, the result would have been different.

“It is important to consult a lawyer, even in the case of a misdemeanor charge, because if you are unfamiliar with the law, you may not know how to challenge your charges.”

This comes as a criminal defense attorney offers advice on what to do if you make a mistake during an automatic checkout.

Criminal defense attorney Lindsey Granados explained how you might even end up with the charge dismissed.

Lindsey says there are a few different options if you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony theft.

One of the first things she says to consider is whether or not you may qualify for a first-time offender program.

The lawyer said: “In North Carolina, where I practice, you may have to do a lot of community service and pay fees for those things in order to get fired.

“Assuming you make it, it’s a guaranteed redundancy, which is really a good thing…especially if you’ve actually taken away someone else’s or a company’s personal property.

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“It’s a very good result for people who want to keep their records clean.”

For people who already have a criminal record, she urges them to consult a lawyer to find out what their specific options are.

Amanda says it's important to see a lawyer even with a misdemeanor charge


Amanda says it’s important to see a lawyer even with a misdemeanor charge1 credit: TikTok/attorneyamandabynum

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