Houston Immigration Attorney Adan Vega and Associates offers immigration law services around Metro Houston in English and Spanish

An immigration lawyer is responsible for educating others about immigration laws and other related services in multiple languages.

Houston, Texas, United States – With the recent increase in deportation cases and struggles with immigration officials, many are wondering how much those facing these legal issues actually know about immigration laws and the rights they should be aware. That’s why a Houston-based immigration attorney has vouched to educate the uninformed so that they fully understand the procedures and legal processes they go through.

Adan and his associates have spent years working with immigration courts and USCIS to prevent unnecessary or unjust deportations, provide assistance in United States deportation proceedings, and issue approvals . They do this for the many loving families who have planned their lives here but face these uncertain and stressful times, overwhelmed by the loss of all they have achieved in the United States and separated from their loved ones.

Mr. Vega is known as the top immigration attorney in Houston with extensive knowledge and over 40 years of experience. Committed to impeccable ethical standards, client service and legal excellence, he has been named by several magazines as one of Houston’s “Top Lawyers”.

At the immigration law firm Adan G. Vega & Associates, they have extensive experience in refugee claims. Their attorneys also have a thorough understanding of the key elements that must be present for a successful asylum or refugee claim. As an asylum attorney in Houston, counseling can determine whether an asylum claim is sufficient to successfully block an individual’s deportation, prior to submission.

They described that the best way to claim asylum is under the Refugee Act of 1980 which establishes that asylum claims can be submitted within one year of the person entering the United States.

As an experienced eviction attorney for Houston, Mr. Vega is joined by several accomplished eviction defense attorneys and paralegals who are committed to helping people who have issued a “notice to appear.” to appear before a judge. The immigration firm is exclusively dedicated to immigration and nationality law where it represents clients from countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.

The site also lists some common grounds used for deportation, such as criminal convictions, status violations, illegal entry, and prohibited professional activity. Some strategies used by deportation defense lawyers are administrative closure, closure of proceedings, reversal of deportation, asylum claims under the United Nations Convention against Torture (CAT) .

For those wishing to naturalize, an initial consultation will be conducted to explore criteria and eligibility to assess the client’s case before completing the form. All eligibility related issues will be discussed and the client will be well informed by citizen attorneys in Houston, Tx.

They also mentioned a Spanish link for those who are more comfortable:

cuales son los bestes abogados de inmigracion en houston tx

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