Hampden Co. Clerk of Courts reacts to planned feasibility study for new courthouse

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – The state is currently investigating the feasibility of a new courthouse after dangerous mold was discovered inside the Roderick Ireland courthouse in Springfield.

“Enough is enough. Let’s do it, let’s fix this,” Hampden County Clerk Laura Gentile said.

Gentile wants something done for the downtown Springfield courthouse as soon as possible after dangerous mold forced the building to close for cleaning last summer and now there are new findings of carcinogenic mold. Several weeks. After many calls for the courthouse to be closed, the State’s Capital Asset Management and Maintenance Division, or DCAMM, is looking for a solution. This is good news for Gentile and the others who work inside the building.

“So far, I don’t think anyone at the trial court or DCAMM has really moved to determine whether we need an entirely new courthouse or whether renovating this courthouse is enough. “, Gentile added.

In a letter to the Massachusetts District Court on Monday, DCAMM said there are plans for a dehumidification project and also design plans for the rehabilitation and renovation of the existing building. We asked Gentile how she interpreted the letter.

[Reporter: Would it be like renovating the courthouse or moving the courthouse altogether?]

“Well, I mean, I can’t say for sure, but I’m reading the same letter that everyone has and it seems to me what they’re saying is let’s at least study if it makes sense to look for a place to have a whole new judicial facility,” Gentile explained.

Gentile has held closed-door talks with trial court officials about a possible location to move the Springfield courthouse. She was only able to give us one possible street.

“I did the research myself. There’s a building on Columbus Avenue and I’m not going to be too specific, but I think it would be perfect for the upper court,” Gentile noted.

While all of this is unfolding, a lawsuit filed by courthouse workers to have the courthouse closed is expected to go to the Mass Supreme Judicial Court. April 27.

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