Haleem accuses Sindh prosecutor’s office of offering impunity to outlaws


Leader of the opposition in the Assembly of Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh during a press conference at Adil House.

KARACHI, December 20 (APP): Opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, said on Monday that terrorism cases were directed against PTI workers in Sindh as “economic terrorists “were on the run and looted the public treasury and resources.

Haleem Adil Sheikh was speaking to the media outside the anti-terrorism tribunal where he appeared to hear the PS-88 byelection case. Due to the non-provision of copies of the documents in the case file by the prosecution, the hearing was adjourned to January 8, 2022.

The opposition leader lamented that he was presented as a political terrorist and that he remained behind bars for a month and a half on charges of a crime never committed.
“My sin is to raise the issues of the poor and expose those who plundered the resources of the people of Sindh,” he said, adding that he had to face the false allegations and appear in court because that he was a soldier of Imran Khan.

Terrorist cases were brought against the PTI workers in Sindh while on the other hand, the “economic terrorists” were free and the provincial police which became the Zardari and Bajari police were doing false business against the PTI workers. PTI workers, Haleem said, adding that Sindh was going through a dark period of political victimization.

An example of poor policing in Sindh was the murder of a pickup driver the other day by Tandojam police while Arsalan Mehsud was earlier killed by plainclothes police while ‘he was walking on the road, he argued and also mentioned the murder of a young person during a meeting with the police in Korangi.

He accused the Sindh police prosecution system of supporting criminals and offering impunity to outlaws against bribery. He claimed that the prosecution issued a proof to Sarwar Rahupoto, one of the police officers from whom the Rangers recovered 67 kg of hashish while the recovered drugs were also changed.

Haleem Adil said PPP wanted to illegally occupy all of Sindh and that they were trying to legislate through the Sindh Assembly to regularize illegal buildings. He said that the father of PTI MP Alamgir Khan and 17 others lost their lives in the sad incident of the collapse of the Shershah building.

The gutters were causing explosions and the government of Sindh was responsible for the incident as it did not clean 500 drains and the Shershah drain where the incident took place was one of the drains that needed to be cleaned by the government provincial, he observed.

The federal government carried out the assigned work of cleaning the drains and Orangi Nala and Mahmoodabad Nala were cleaned while work was underway on Gujjar Nala, he said.
Murtaza Wahab failed to stop the disposal of industrial waste down the sewer as CM’s environmental adviser while KMC was also responsible for the deaths in the Sher Shah tragedy, Haleem said adding that 17 people of Karachi fell victim to the bad policies of Murad Ali Shah. government.

By presenting a bill to the Sindh Assembly, PPP wanted to regularize the buildings built on the gutters, he reiterated and said that the PTI had opposed the attempt and prevented itself from being part of the gutters. their criminal legislation. “Under the cover of the Nasla Tower, they are cleaning up their evil deeds,” he remarked.

Lawyer Abdul Wahab Baloch informed the media that the police and the prosecution did not submit copies of the relevant documents to the court, even after a year. He said the court ordered the prosecution to provide copies before the next hearing on January 8.

A JIT has been formed to establish the facts in the cases of Haleem Adil Sheikh by the federal government and its report is about to be released, he said, adding that there was nothing in the case. and that they were convinced that the court would acquit Haleem Adil of the bogus cases.


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