Governor Ivey awards grant for state prison drug rehabilitation program

Governor Kay Ivey awarded a $582,287 grant to the state Department of Corrections for a program to help inmates overcome drug addiction.

The grant will allow substance abuse counselors and program specialists to conduct a six-month program in seven prisons to help inmates break substance abuse habits. The volunteer program combines counselling, education and drug testing.

“Illegal drugs and illegally used prescription drugs are often the reason people commit the crimes that land them in jail,” Governor Ivey said. “Breaking that bond gives inmates a chance to stay out of prison and change their lives once released.”

Grant funds for the residential drug treatment course come from the United States Department of Justice and are administered in Alabama by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs.

“Governor. Ivey knows that one of the logical ways to reduce the state’s prison population is to reduce recidivism,” said ADECA Director Kenneth Boswell. drug addiction, which is at the root of many crimes and why many inmates end up in the criminal justice system.”

Governor Ivey informed John Hamm, commissioner of the state Department of Corrections, that the grant had been approved.

ADECA administers a wide range of programs that support law enforcement, victim assistance programs, economic development, water resource management, energy conservation and recreation.

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