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The girlfriend of a man accused of shooting his stepfather and a Baton Rouge police officer in April 2020 threatened last October to kill those pursuing her boyfriend, new court documents reveal.

Donkeisha Allen allegedly made the statements to a medical provider in Our Lady of the Lake, and OLOL officials in turn notified the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office under a state law that required notification, records indicate.

This notification led to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office providing security details for about two weeks at the home of District Attorney Hillar Moore III, Deputy Prosecutors Dana Cummings and Kathleen Barrios, and one of the coordinators of aid to Moore’s victims, according to the documents.

Security patrols were also carried out at Allen’s home, according to the new court record.

Allen has not been charged in connection with the alleged threat.

Ronnie Kato, who is Allen’s boyfriend and father of her children, is charged with two counts of first degree murder on April 26, 2020, shooting dead his stepfather, Curtis Richardson, and Lt. Glenn Dale Hutto Jr.

A hearing is scheduled in the case for Wednesday on the prosecution‘s request to try Kato, 37, separately in the murders because Allen and his mother, Richardson’s wife, refuse to cooperate with the state.

Prosecutors said on Thursday they wanted to separately try a Baton Rouge man in the shooting death of his girlfriend’s stepfather and a police officer …

In a memorandum filed Monday in support of this prior compensation claim, Cummings and Barrios first revealed Allen’s alleged threat to prosecutors. They said OLOL revealed on October 16, 2020 that Allen told a healthcare provider at the hospital that she “wanted to kill the prosecutors pursuing” Kato.

“Since the threat was disclosed, enhanced and continuous security measures have been necessary for employees of the district attorney’s office to appear in court for the prosecution of these murders,” prosecutors said.

They added that Allen was hostile to Hutto’s family in the courtroom, cursing them after Kato’s arraignment last October.

On Friday, in a separate court file, prosecutors revealed that two days after the murders of Richardson, 58, and Hutto, 45, Allen told Kato on a taped jail call that she was standing in his side even though authorities mistakenly portrayed him as a “monster.”

Two days after Ronnie Kato allegedly shot dead his girlfriend’s stepfather and a Baton Rouge police officer in April 2020, the woman recounted …

In Monday’s filing, prosecutors said Allen’s mother told a victim assistance coordinator in June 2020 that she wanted the best for her daughter and grandchildren. who love and need their father.

Authorities say Kato killed Richardson during a domestic argument with Allen on North Pamela Drive. He allegedly shot Hutto several hours later as police searched for Kato at a house on Conrad Drive.

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Richardson’s wife, the mother of Kato’s girlfriend, was also on stage at Pamela Drive.

A detective previously said Kato ambushed police officers with an assault rifle as they searched for him in the backyard of the Conrad Drive house. The same rifle was used to kill Hutto and Richardson, the detective said.

After Ronnie Kato seriously injured Baton Rouge police officers Derrick Maglone and Glenn Hutto Jr. from inside a car with a strongly tinted wind …

In September 2020, Allen expressed his frustration and anger to a victim assistance coordinator that the district attorney’s office is pursuing the death penalty against Kato, Cummings and Barrios, noted in their latest court file.

They also said that the interests of the families of the two victims are “directly contradictory”.

“Glenn Dale Hutto’s family maintain that the just sentence for his murder is the death penalty. Based on the facts and circumstances of the case, supported by the family’s wishes, the state will prosecute the death penalty for his murder, ”they wrote.

“On the other hand, Curtis Richardson’s family are looking to tone down Ronnie Kato’s behavior and want Kato released from prison to return to Donkeisha Allen and his family,” prosecutors said. “Under these circumstances, the state will not seek the death penalty for the murder of Mr. Richardson.

Cummings and Barrios wrote on Monday that Allen and his mother’s “allegiance” to Kato “is as evident as their hostility towards the district attorney’s office.”

If the state were required to try the two cases together, prosecutors said, Allen and his mother would be “the only competent adult witnesses” to Richardson’s murder and should be called to testify in the state’s case, their giving “the possibility of sabotaging the state prosecution of Ronnie Kato in the guilt and sanction phases of the trial.” “

Kato’s lawyers have objected to the state’s desire to try him separately in the murders. His lawyers say prosecutors are wrongly trying to offload their burden of proof and shift that burden to Kato. They say Richardson’s murder was an integral part of the chain of events that led to Hutto’s murder hours later.

Lawyers for an accused Baton Rouge cop killer oppose the state’s request to try him separately in the April 26, 2020 shooting …

Cummings and Barrios gave the following account on Monday of what happened on that unfortunate day on Pamela Drive: Kato and Allen had an argument outside the house and Kato hit her in the face with a handgun. The gun fell to the ground, and Allen picked it up and shot Kato. He then retrieved an assault rifle from a vehicle as she ran to the back chamber to hide. Kato fired the rifle into the house before kicking the front door and shooting inside the residence. Kato shot Richardson as he walked past the house to help Allen. Kato then put the gun on Allen’s mother’s head and demanded to know Allen’s location. He left when Allen’s mother told him her daughter was already out of the house.

In the Conrad Drive shooting several hours later, Kato also reportedly shot Cpl. Derrick Maglone during the meeting with the police. Maglone was seriously injured but was released from the hospital a week and a half later.

Hutto, a 21-year-old police veteran and sergeant at the time of his death, was posthumously assigned the rank of lieutenant.


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