Evan Schlee Showcases Homegrown Talent as King of the Courts


The best view in a Friday night game may not be the court, but through Evan Schlee’s lens.

Schlee, a former Stewartville Tiger, has always loved basketball.

“My buddies and I would sit in the back of the class and watch basketball highlights. One thing we were always looking for was highlights from local athletes, but that’s something we didn’t have,” said Evan Schlee.

A former gamer, he set out to solve the problem by grabbing a Sony camera and going to work as the king of the courts.

Since he started he has seen his following grow, videos with over a thousand views and a recent clip shared by one of the best basketball coverage sites, a group he has always loved, Ball is Life.

“I remember this story when I was in high school, I got an email sent to my dad saying Evan wasn’t paying attention, he was sitting in the back of the class watching videos of ball is life,” Schlee said.

Schlee is far from getting started, even NBA star Donovan Mitchell shared the clip, but for him success isn’t based on opinions.

“Not every kid is going to end up on TV and they’re not going to end up on a program that has videographers there. So, so I can give them that and see the answer. Some kids will say oh i showed my brother, oh i sent it to my brother at college, i sent it to where my parents love it and just seeing it has a impact on their family is huge to me,” Schlee said.

“Honestly, I wish we had it when I was in high school because I think I might have one. I would watch it to this day.

So he goes on knowing that one day that mark might be bigger than him.

“It’s me trying to get more content creators like videographers to come here or trigger something so some of the students that I’m starting to see take a camera and you can also do something by visiting the athletes I think the more we get, the more of a domino effect we get and then we develop the sports in the area a bit more,” Schlee said.

As for the future.

“I brought my brother and now we’re at the point where we’re going to start doing clothes, basketball clothes. We’ve actually ordered energy drinks like energy drinks before practice. I’m more excited to see where it’s going to be in about five or six years, that’s exciting.

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