Ellis County man proud to be called a “Jesus Freak”


Tim Brown had led a rather problematic existence the first half of his life. He was mainly raised by his alcoholic father, which means Tim never really wanted to hang out around the house. Instead, he stayed on the streets and was in constant trouble. His main negative influences were the consumption of beer, and his drug of choice was none other than cocaine.

But today he is completely reformed and is affectionately referred to as “Jesus Freak” – and that suits him perfectly. These days, he prefers to make a difference in his hometown of Ennis and the surrounding counties of Ellis and Dallas. He spends much of his renewed life sharing his testimony with others, helping to clothe and feed the homeless, and focus on entering prisons to share God’s message and the love of Jesus. -Christ.

Brown has been a resident of Ellis County for 40 years. Some of that time was spent in Ferris, but he’s been living in Ennis for some time now. He has been divorced for over 25 years, but he is the proud father of 3 children: Joe – 27, Josh – 26 and Julia – 25.

Some of Tim Brown's followers (far right) who help him share the good news of Jesus Christ.

For over 5 years, Brown was incarcerated in places such as Harry Hines Juvenile Institution in Dallas, Dallas County Jail, Ellis County Jail, and eventually he ended up in the Department. Texas State Correctional Facility.

Brown was locked in jail one day and he shares, “Jesus came to me in my cell, transformed me and I never looked back. He saved me and I am a forever changed man of God.

In fact, today Brown is still tattooed, looks quite rough and tough, and even seems temperamental at times, but he explains, “Don’t let my outward physical appearance fool you about what lives inside. me – because it would be Jesus who resides in my heart.

Brown recently opened a bargain store in Ennis and it’s aptly called “Jesus Freaks Thrift Store”. Located at 811 East Ennis Avenue, he tries to help others in his community by providing discounted clothing and other essentials. He describes his “Jesus Freaks Thrift Store” as a “house of prayer” – which offers clothing, shoes and other supplies at low prices according to the needs of local customers and various supplies for the homeless. Store hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays, Monday to Friday.

Some of the horrible living conditions of the homeless in our area.

To continue his ministry of helping the homeless, he says: “My mission is primarily search and rescue. Some of my ministerial partners and I go out, look for those in need, and once we find them, we feed them, clothe them, and try to get them into a rehabilitation program. We are focusing our efforts on Ennis and Waxahachie, as well as South and East Dallas.

Brown also has a heart for the inmates who are lost and often forgotten behind the walls of American prisons. He remarks: “I am working tenaciously to set up my own prison ministry. From now on, I will be speaking at the Teen Life Challenge in Ennis, where I try to encourage young teenage boys and girls to make good, stable life decisions. Most recently, I gave my testimony in DeSoto, Texas, and other places in the state of Oklahoma like Cache, Stillwater, and Sapulpa. I am always happy to tell others how Jesus has changed my life. And we’re constantly adding more events to my speaking schedule. “

Mr. Brown is proud to be a member of the Foundation of Life Church in Ennis. His Facebook page is listed as: Tim Brown Jesus Freaks. Do not hesitate to consult his publications and his photos.

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