Egyptian court upholds death sentences for 21 suspected terrorists – JURIST – News


An Egyptian court on Thursday affirmed death sentences of 21 people suspected of being Islamist militants associated with a terrorist group.

Rendered by the Court of Cassation, the highest civil court in the country, this appeal stems from a judgment rendered by the Cairo Criminal Court in March 2020 in which 208 suspects were indicted. The suspects were convicted of terrorism-related charges, including more than 54 terrorist attacks in which at least 57 people were reportedly killed and 340 others injured.

The suspects whose appeal was dismissed were also charged with their association with Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (ABM) – a banned jihadist group. ABM was classified as “the most active and capable terrorist group” in Egypt.

In addition, 149 other defendants were also indicted in the same case, and received a wide range of sentences. The High Court’s decision on this case is final and the appellant’s remedies are now extinguished.

These recent convictions reflect a trend of increasing death sentences in Egypt. In 2021, the country executed 83 people, the majority of whom were sentenced in unfair trial, without right of appeal. The extension of the duration of the emergency courts, even after the lifting of the state of emergency, is an important factor for the continued application of the death penalty in these circumstances.

Amnesty International called on the Egyptian government to implement constitutional guarantees for those potentially facing the death penalty, including providing the necessary remedies for all those sentenced to death.


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