Drivers have warned they risk prosecution as the national road safety event unfolds in Notts



Police have asked motorists to help prevent more road deaths in Nottinghamshire, according to a nationwide campaign.

It comes just a day after a 46-year-old van driver died in Church Road, Greasley after a collision between two vehicles.

Since January of this year, there have been 19 fatal crashes that have left 20 people dead. This compares to 20 fatal crashes that killed 21 people in 2020.

The Edward Project (Every Day Without A Road Death) this week kicked off a nationwide road trip and stopped in Nottinghamshire yesterday to support officers participating in the campaign.

The Radford Road Neighborhood Team, Operation Reacher and Operational Support Roads Police organized an operation on Gregory Boulevard, near Forest Recreation Ground, between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

He focused on the “fatal 4” causes of serious crashes, namely cell phone use, seat belts, speeding, drunk driving and drugs.

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It was also linked to a National Safety Day for Speed ​​organized by the National Council of Police Chiefs which also took place yesterday with a focus on the safety of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists, pedestrians and riders on the routes of the forces. .

During the operation, several drivers were arrested and questioned for offenses related to not wearing seat belts, using cell phones while driving and speeding.

Operation Reacher Sergeant Mark Westlake, who led the event, said: “It is extremely disappointing to witness these infractions anywhere but take place on a busy boulevard outside of A densely populated area just outside the Academy of Djanology is of particular concern.

“The tragic fatal collision at Greasley this week is a stark reminder that we are so vulnerable when using the road, regardless of who the road user we are – driver, rider or pedestrian. Concentration is everything and that is why it is so important to obey the laws, to share the road with others and to fully focus on what is happening on the road. The belief being that if every motorist did this, there would be no fatal collisions on our roads.

“It was great to be part of the Project Edward campaign and to meet the organizers who were truly grateful for our work in supporting their efforts this week.

“We met many members of the public including parents with children, students, cyclists and motorcyclists who came to us and told us they were happy to see the police conducting the operation, guarding them. safe.”

The team received a Certificate of Appreciation from Project Edward and participated in a live show that will air on their social media channels.

They also distributed backpacks and high visibility vests to cyclists and motorcyclists in line with NPCC’s vulnerable road users campaign.

Traffic police operations have been taking place across Nottinghamshire since Monday in conjunction with the two national initiatives.

In Wollaton, this resulted in the issuance of three-driver traffic violation reports – a notice that they are being prosecuted – in connection with excessive speeding with a registered motorist driving at 45 mph in a 30 mph zone.

A driver was also fined for not wearing a seat belt and another motorist was fined for using a cell phone while driving.

Newark also conducted a Fatal Enforcement 4 which resulted in the issuance of traffic violation reports for driving without insurance, driving without due care or attention, and driving a passenger on a motorcycle without a helmet. Two vehicles were also seized in connection with the incidents of driving without insurance.

Neighborhood officer Adam Shaw, who led the operation, said: “Any of the drivers we spoke with could easily have been involved in a traffic collision with another road user.

“A total number of 573 vulnerable road users were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in Nottinghamshire between January 1, 2019 and March 31, 2021, and this campaign highlights the importance of safe driving practices, using your cell phone or traveling at excessive speed, you reduce your concentration and thinking time, which makes accidents more likely.

“Seat belts are designed to save people’s lives and work alongside airbags and should be worn unless medically required. Drinking and drugs while driving are totally unacceptable.

A spokesperson for Project Edward said: “Our 2021 theme is ‘Fit for the Road’ – which means we want drivers to be in the best physical and mental shape possible to make the many decisions necessary on their journeys. .

The #ProjectEDWARD team was delighted to join Sgt Westlake and the Op Reacher team. We were very pleased to see fantastic examples of strong and inspiring road safety management that underpin the principles of the safety system. We know that this work is vital if we are to achieve positive results in road safety in the years to come. “

Project Edward is a campaign that grows stronger each year with every road safety organization fully committed to supporting its goal of “Every Day Without Death on the Road”.

Nottinghamshire Police are calling on all road users to help achieve this goal to avoid the unnecessary loss of life that occurs on the road networks every year.


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