Dan-Bunkering indictment alleges falsification of ISA in Syria sanctions case



Lawyers accuse Dan-Bunkering involvement in EU sanctions violations said two tankers at the heart of the affair had their AIS tracking systems shut down at the time of their alleged shipments to Syria.

The evidence was presented on the second day of the trial involving Dan-Bunkering, its parent company Bunker Hold and CEO Keld request in Denmark on Tuesday, according to Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. The case revolves around 33 offers with Russian counterparties in 2015-2017 where the oil ended up in Syria in violation of EU sanctions.

The ships, the Mukhalatka and Yaz, would have taken cargoes of jet fuel loaded in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus at the Syrian port of Banias. Prosecutors say they have information from Banias port inspectors via we investigators to show it, but not recording AIS data, according to the newspaper.

In a single shipment of Agio Theodoroi in December 2015, the destination in the AIS system was initially registered as Beirut, before being changed to Piraeus then returned to Beirut, the signal indicating the location of the ship being cut off for 63 hours while the ship was south of the Turkish coast.

Russian shipping company Sovfracht told U.S. investigators the signal was disabled for security reasons.

The defense said Dan-Bunkering’s involvement in the trade ended the moment the fuel was loaded.

The case continues. Both companies and Demant deny the charges, and Bunker Holding said its internal investigations found no evidence of an employee with knowledge of sanctions violations.


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