Cuomo Aide who says he groped his criminal complaint in Albany


When she walked away, she said, the governor slammed the door, walked up to her, slipped his hand over her blouse and cupped her chest. The woman said she walked away again and told Mr. Cuomo, “You are crazy.

“At that point it was so fast and he didn’t say anything and I just remember thinking to myself, oh, my God, and I remember stopping and he didn’t. said nothing and I remember that I went out and he said nothing and I said nothing, ”she told investigators.

She did not immediately report what had happened, she said, in part because she was “terrified” of losing her job, which she described as “the opportunity of a lifetime for me “.

But a few months later, after the governor denied at a press conference in March that she had ever touched anyone inappropriately, she told several other executive assistants, who then reported the incident to Judith L Mogul and Beth Garvey, lawyers for the governor. The next day, The Times Union of Albany published an article on the allegation.

In a “position paper” released Tuesday intended to rebut the report’s findings, Mr. Cuomo’s personal counsel said the report “ignored the governor’s testimony and substantial corroborating evidence.”

The document cites “contemporary emails, timetables and newspapers” intended to show the governor was busy at work, mostly on the phone, on the day and time the executive assistant said the incident took place. ‘was produced.

“It would be an act of sheer madness for the governor – who is 63 and lives his life under a microscope – to grab an employee’s chest in the middle of the working day in his mansion office,” Rita Glavin wrote. , the lawyer. . “It just didn’t happen.”

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