Court documents reveal DHS involvement in missing mother case – NBC Connecticut

During Michelle Troconis’ final preliminary hearing, her attorney told the judge that prosecutors had provided documents from the Department of Homeland Security investigation indicating that law enforcement suspected that Fotis Dulos’ friend, Andreas Toutziaridis, had helped him to create an alibi for the disappearance of his wife.

Court documents detail why federal investigators wanted to search Toutziaridis’ cellphone.

In the 17-page search warrant request filed just over four months after the 2019 death and disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, the Homeland Security special agent asks a federal judge for an advanced forensic examination of the phone Toutziaridis cell phone.

According to court documents, the Samsung Galaxy cellphone was seized by federal agents at Newark Liberty International Airport on June 25, 2019, a month after Jennifer’s death, when Toutziaridis flew to visit and stay with Dulos at his home in Farmington.

Earlier that month, at the home, Connecticut State Police found what they called “alibi scripts,” handwritten notes from Dulos and his then-girlfriend, Michelle. Troconis, detailing their activities on the day Jennifer disappeared.

According to the search warrant request, “It should be particularly noted that one of the entries, which is roughly translated from Greek to English, on the ‘Alibi Scripts’ was ‘827 Andreas called + telephoned briefly “, which the special agent believed to have been in reference to a planned alibi call from Andreas Toutziaridis.

Investigators say Troconis told them she and Dulos’ former lawyer and friend Kent Mawhinney were standing in Dulos’ business office at the Farmington home when the phone rang and Mawhinney motioned for her to answer. .

The special agent says a preliminary search of Toutziaridis’ phone also revealed that Dulos had texted him around 10:25 p.m. the day before Jennifer Dulos disappeared, asking him to call him during the same period.

And according to the Special Agent, “About four minutes after making the call to Dulos’ iPhone in which he spoke to Troconis, Toutziaridis created a calendar entry in Greek, which roughly translates to ‘Fotis phone’ Admission is 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EDT.

The special agent saying, “I believe the entry about talking to ‘Fotis’ was a false entry, made for the purpose of conspiring with Dulos to create an alibi for him.”

The special agent later found out: “Nearly two hours after the call to Dulos’ iPhone and when authorities believed Jennifer Dulos was already dead, Toutziaridis, via WhatsApp, sent a link to a video of common Dulos internet meme that depicts a man being asked a question by a woman off camera who asks “Okay, you have two choices”. A) You can live the rest of your life with your wife or B)…then the man on camera interrupts and yells ‘B’ and the video ends.'”

The special agent told the judge there was probable cause that Toutziaridis’ phone contained evidence of a crime, including interstate domestic violence, obstruction of justice, complicity and conspiracy to violate US laws.

NBC Connecticut called Toutziaridis’ cell phone number listed in the search warrant. The man on the phone said “No thanks” to us when NBC Connecticut asked for comment.

State police said they could not comment on an investigation involving another agency. NBC Connecticut has also attempted to contact the state’s attorney’s office, but has yet to receive a response.

Both Troconis and Mawhinney have pleaded not guilty in connection with the death of Jennifer Dulos. Investigators continue to search for his body.

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