Court clears coast for President d’Ondo, lawmakers lawsuits by EFCC

On Wednesday, prominent Nigerians, Christian political leaders and the Christian Association of Nigeria raised fears that the February 25, 2022 presidential election could make or break the country’s future.
They are a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara; the Senator representing Adamawa North District in the National Assembly, Elisha Ishaku Abbo; outgoing CAN President Samson Ayokunle and leaders of various Christian blocs and denominations.
They also blamed the All Progressives Congress (APC) for presenting a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the 2023 election, calling it “reprehensible and ungodly”.
They declared them at a symposium on Leadership Crises in Nigeria, held in Abuja as part of activities marking the 12th CAN General Assembly and Leadership Transition Ceremony themed “The Role of the Church at times like this”.
The clerics and politicians called on key stakeholders, especially Christian youth and women, to ensure that a candidate who values ​​justice, righteousness and inclusiveness as well as respects the country’s inherent diversities emerges as Nigeria’s next leader to avoid polarizing the country.
Senator Abbo said: “I am known for my candor. Sometimes it seems insulting to some people, because when I tell the truth in its raw form without falsification, people say I insult them.
“Nevertheless, the 2023 election is a watershed poll, especially for Christians and for all who love and value the unity of Nigeria.”
He lamented the worsening wave of insecurity in the country, saying the country may not survive the next eight years unless concerted efforts are made to pull it out of the abyss.
According to him, the country is still united only by the grace of God through the continual prayers offered in the various centers of worship.
“They (the terrorists) entered Abuja. We used to think that the Federal Capital Territory is safe. This is why many politicians no longer visit their villages, but bandits have entered Abuja.
“Nigeria cannot survive eight more years like this. However, the decision is for you, young people and women, to save this nation (by vote).
“There is power in the hands of Nigerian Christian youth and women to make a difference, especially in the affairs of the nation.”
He urged CAN to fully activate its structures and networks ahead of the 2023 elections to ensure positive change in the affairs of the nation, saying the supreme Christian body already has the most mature and organized structures in this country. .
Dogara said the country was experiencing shame, disgrace and blame on many fronts because many of those running the country were not doing the right thing.
He said: “I want to say emphatically that CAN’s position on the Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket in this country, at this time of national peril, is not just that of CAN or that of Babachir David Lawal, that many accused of being the only one who made it a problem.
“I believe this (the rejection of the ticket of same faith) is also the position of the Almighty, because we serve a God of justice. He is the just as well as the author of diversity, and he wants us, however diverse, to unite.
“So the position of CAN is the position of all of us (Christian political leaders) who love righteousness, justice as well as diversity and work to harness them for the advancement of this country.
“Insofar as what we are fighting for is a divine position, any other position is ungodly. There is no middle ground. It’s either you are for righteousness, justice and inclusiveness or you are working against the unity of this great country.
For his part, Ayokunle expressed doubts about the ability of the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct a transparent election in 2023.
“I don’t think INEC is ready for credible elections. I moved from my old residence to a new one in the same city and reported to INEC last year but so far the commission has not made any updates in my voting unit .
“I went back in February this year and was told that approval had to be given by the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja. Is Abuja in paradise?
“Many Nigerians see this as just a ploy by INEC to deprive qualified voters. INEC should not be the issue between us and credible elections in 2023,” he said.

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