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I had the opportunity to attend a meeting regarding City Councilor Ron White and his initial charge for “office theft”.

I’ve been following this story since it started, and what’s amazing to me is that I haven’t missed anything that remains low-key. This town looks messy; crime and murder are rife, and yet we find time to waste taxpayers’ money filing a complaint against a man who has done a lot of things in this community, at least for the last 20 years, if I think so. remember well.

Funds came out of his pocket to buy gasoline to cut down the tall grass areas in the city, to help fix houses and keep his community clean, and to help other neighborhood groups; but it should never have been a public issue. What is wrong with our political leaders? This man is a citizen of Warren. He worked here and was loyal. Where is his return?

The mayor, the director of the security service and the legal service have joined together to persecute a good and loyal man in the town of Warren. He made a terrible mistake that should have required internal discipline behind the door. Shame on you all. We need unification in this city. We have COVID-19 issues in schools, people sleeping at the gates of downtown businesses and Courthouse Square, mentally ill people terrorizing traffic on a daily basis.

I shake my head at this wasted money.



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