Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder slammed for ‘disgusting’ attack on Asian presenter



A conservative YouTube provocateur known for his hugely offensive content has been criticized for spitting out racist vitriol while attacking a local journalist.

Steven Crowder was suspended from YouTube earlier this month for hate speech after repeatedly posting a fake story on his channel about a transgender woman who allegedly raped and impregnated an inmate at a women’s prison. A spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation ultimately threw cold water on the false story. A few months earlier, Crowder and his YouTube co-hosts had launched a spiel poking fun at black farmers and American slavery.

Now, shortly after his YouTube hiatus ended, Crowder received a wave of backlash for verbally ambushing a local Bay Area reporter with a slew of racist comments. Watching the reporter’s report on her “Louder With Crowder” show, Crowder commented that she had an “aggressively Asian face”.

On Tuesday, Betty Yu of KPIX San Francisco, a CBS affiliate, aired a segment on the city’s only In-N-Out Burger shutting down its indoor dining room because it would not comply with city orders to check vaccination status of clients.

In a video post Examining Yu’s news segment, Crowder applauded In-N-Out Burger for his stance, then unleashed a barrage of racist attacks.

When Yu appeared on the screen, Crowder exclaimed, “Oh! He’s an aggressively Asian face.

A co-host can be heard laughing and implies that Yu looks like actress Lucy Liu, saying, “Where are Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz?”

“Usually, with journalists, they are Americanized Asians. This is a good thing. This is a good thing. It’s all Asian, ”Crowder said before the co-host tried to prank the geisha.

With anti-Asian discrimination on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic, fellow journalists were quick to stand up for Yu.

Dion Lim, presenter of KGO-TV San Francisco, wrote on Twitter: “This is my ‘aggressively Asian face’ [Steven Crowder]. Enjoy. #StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate.

“It’s disgusting,” wrote Hello Iowa anchor La Chenue. “[Betty Yu] is a consistent professional and an honest journalist. You hit her with racism like that, you target ** all ** AAPI journalists. We are not here for that.

“It’s amazing how people who are blatantly racist aren’t funny either,” said columnist Jeff Yang. “Completely disgusting attack on [Betty Yu] by Steven Crowder, who I guess hasn’t seen an aggressive Asian up close and probably should.

CBS TV President Jennifer Mitchell and KPIX-TV San Francisco President / CEO Kevin Walsh also expressed support for Yu and condemned the attack.

“CBS and KPIX 5 TV channels fully support our colleague Betty Yu and condemn the horrific racist comments directed at Betty as well as the other humiliating Asian stereotypes aired on Steven Crowder’s show Wednesday,” they wrote in a statement. common. “We stand in solidarity with Betty, an accomplished journalist and valued member of our CBS family. These hateful and offensive remarks are scandalous and destructive and reaffirm the importance of our work as journalists in shedding light on anti-Asian violence and hate speech when it occurs.


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