Can prosecutors convict Larry Millet of murder without a body, without a weapon, without forensic evidence? – NBC 7 San Diego



A nine-month police investigation into the disappearance of Chula Vista mother of three May Millete ended on Tuesday with the arrest of her husband, Larry. And now, an 8-page arrest warrant exposes the defense attorney’s case against Larry Millet. It’s a long list of growing weird behaviors before and after May’s disappearance. But is that enough to convict him of murder?

“We can’t let someone murder someone and gain an advantage by hiding the body in a way we can’t find out,” San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan told a crowd of people. journalists after the arrest of Larry Millet.

Search efforts to locate May “Maya” Millet continue the day after her husband’s arrest in connection with his murder, NBC 7’s Melissa Adan reports.

But not only is there no body, there is no weapon and some might even argue that there is no evidence of a crime.

The prosecutor’s investigative team, however, point to a mountain of circumstantial evidence that they say points to a motive – May’s extramarital affair and desire for a divorce.

“The last recorded call May made was to a divorce lawyer,” Stephan said. “She didn’t make any other calls.”

This latest call to set up a date is what the prosecutor says sparked May’s murder.

This isn’t the first time the DA’s office has pursued a bodyless murder conviction – they successfully pursued the charge with a Rancho Bernardo caretaker who attempted to sell the property of one of his patients after his death. disappearance (although the police never found a body).

Prosecutors can convict an accused solely on the basis of circumstantial evidence, but criminal defense attorney Stefano Molea has said that, based on the evidence publicly announced by the DA against Larry Millet, winning this case will be an uphill battle.

“The biggest problem, I think, is whether they have forensic evidence to support that there has been a death or an injury,” Molea said.

“The hearts of the community are broken,” said San Diego County District Attorney Stephan, who provided a brief summary of the evidence against the accused murderer of Chula Vista’s mother, May “Maya” Millete, saying that an unsealed part of the arrest warrant includes evidence that would not compromise the prosecution‘s evidence

The lack of blood spatter in the house, or the lack of blood or human tissue in the car, according to detectives Larry Millet, is particularly glaring, according to Molea.

Right now, Molea says the prosecution won’t just have to convince a jury that Larry Millette killed his wife, they’ll have to convince them that she was killed.

Molea also points out another problem prosecutors face without forensic evidence:

“This leaves Larry with the opportunity to make a claim on something that happened without the real ability to disprove it,” Molea said.

It appears the prosecution knows it needs more evidence, with the prosecutor repeatedly urging more witnesses to come forward, now that Larry Millet is in custody.

“We hope now is the time to come forward if you have any information,” Stephan said on Tuesday.

NBC 7’s Omari Fleming shares an emotional plea from Maya Millete’s sister.

Larry Millet is being held without bail. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday at the South Bay courthouse at 1:30 p.m.


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