Businessman faces tax default lawsuit


The Oyo State Tax Service (OYSIRS) enforcement team arrested a businessman in Ogbomoso for breaking the official seal and locks on his business premises.
The man, whose name was not communicated to journalists, saw his office locked for not having paid the accumulated tax returns to state cover despite repeated reminders.
He was immediately turned over to the police for prosecution.

The state revenue agency called on business owners and state taxpayers to be accountable and responsive to their responsibility by paying their taxes, levies and dues to enable the government to meet its financial obligations and not to wait for the moment of execution.

Acting President, Oyo State Internal Revenue Service (OYSIRS), Alhaji Mubasiru Toyin Azeez who carried out the arrest, said during an interview with reporters in his office after the enforcement exercise undertaken by OYSIRS and d ‘other departments that generate revenue for the state government.

Azeez hinted that paying taxes and dues are statutory obligations required by law that anyone who generates or earns income should pay to the government.

The Acting President said: “All business owners must file their annual reports by March 31 of the following year, while companies must do the same by January 31 of the following year. .

“Law enforcement is the last resort for taxpayers and business owners to be accountable and responsive to their civic duty by paying what is owed to the government in terms of taxes, levies and the like, such as prescribed by law.

“There can be no enforcement if people comply, it comes as a last resort after all persuasions and conditions have been met. Letters and reminders have been served. In addition, newspaper ads and jingles have been used to persuade so that there is no excuse for pretending ignorance.

“We want our business owners to pay taxes, duties and dues quickly to make it easy for the government to have funds available to carry out many of its projects and also to avoid penalties and fines. “

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