Boudin’s recall to San Francisco is a defeat for the rogue prosecutor movement

Chesa Boudin, the rogue San Francisco district attorney, was removed from office on Tuesday by voters disgusted by his irresponsible leadership and pro-criminal, anti-victim policies.

The recall was organized and funded primarily by liberal Democrats who were fed up with Boudin and his hands-off approach to law enforcement.

Boudin’s reminder is important not only to voters in Cité sur la Baie, but nationally, as it is the clearest signal yet that the rogue prosecutors movementas we said, is a colossal failure.

We warned readers of Boudin last August, specifically how his policy of not prosecuting robberies, burglaries, shoplifting, drug deals and other crimes has transformed the city into a nightmare for businesses and residents.

Some crimes skyrocketed under Boudin’s watch because he refused – like all rogue prosecutors inspired and/or funded by leftist billionaire George Soros – to enforce entire categories of duly enacted laws.

Honestly, voters in San Francisco should have known better when they voted for Boudin. His parents are Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, both members of the Weather Underground, a radical and militant Marxist organization. The duo drove the getaway car following an armed robbery of a Brinks truck in New York City, in which a Brinks guard and two police officers were fatally shot.

When they were returned to the Big House, he was raised by two other radicals, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, co-founders of the Weather Underground. While Boudin shouldn’t be held responsible for his parents’ sins, he should be held accountable for his own bad choices.

Before attending Yale Law School, he lived in Venezuela and served as a translator for dictator, then President Hugo Chavez. After clerking for two federal judges, he began his career at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, where he argued that California’s bail system was unconstitutional.

It was not and it is not. But that didn’t matter.

The entire so-called “progressive prosecutor” movement is based on two premises: (1) that the entire criminal justice system is systemically racist and (2) that fixing the system requires reverse engineering. and dismantling the criminal justice infrastructure. .

The first premise simply isn’t true, and voters are finally starting to realize that law and order matters. The second premise, in practice, has been to fund candidates for district attorney and ask them, once elected, to act as public defenders and ignore victims.

What Boudin and other rogue prosecutors didn’t count on was downtown Liberal residents and voters rising up and demanding that their district attorneys actually prosecute the criminals. They bet on the idea that Liberal voters would tolerate crime, robbery, thefts, open-air drug markets, rising gang violence and more homicides, as long as these policies were sold as a “reinvention of prosecution” and a means to combat “mass incarceration”. .”

They also assumed that downtown residents and voters were stupid. They surmised that voters did not recall that crime rates, particularly violent crime rates, had dropped dramatically over the past 25 years, until Boudin, George Gascon (Los Angeles), Larry Krasner ( Philadelphia), Kim Foxx (Chicago) and Kimberly Gardner (St. Louis) and others of their ilk arrived a few years ago.

They assumed that voters would not understand that these crime rates had dropped, at least in part, because of creative programs like drug courts, domestic violence courts, youth and peer courts, justice centers family and thousands and thousands of alternatives to incarceration…truly progressive programs that had been implemented by traditional law and order prosecutors who favored limiting access to these programs to truly deserving offenders, while prosecuting others for the crimes they had committed.

Crooked prosecutors chatter about “mass incarceration,” but ignore the fact that incarceration rates have also dropped dramatically over the same 25 years. And they ignore the fact that those who are in prison are there for a reason: the vast majority of inmates are behind bars because they have been convicted of violent crimes.

Those rogue prosecutors – and the whole movement created, funded and inspired by Soros – assumed that if you repeated “racism, racism, racism” enough times, blamed guns, talked about the “prison state” and gloated about the “reimagining” this and that, woke downtown Democratic voters would elect their candidates.

They further speculated that because mainstream media, such as the Washington Post, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and various other newspapers refuse to fairly cover crime stories, residents of these cities , who read these newspapers daily, would simply go to get along.

It seemed to work for a while, but they were wrong. As we presented in our of them rogue prosecutor symposia, it turns out that people, especially downtown, want public safety. They want safe streets. They want criminals to be held accountable. They want people with drug problems arrested and given help. They want their children to be able to walk safely to and from school, free from gang members. They want to be able to shop at a Walgreens, Target or CVS and be safe while there.

They want prosecutors to prosecute cases and defense attorneys to defend. They want justice.

Equally important, these community members are beginning to realize that crime is the fault of the criminals. And they realize that if their elected prosecutors don’t prosecute criminals, then crime will continue to increase, especially when the police have no incentive to arrest criminals because prosecutors won’t prosecute them.

The flower is out of the rogue prosecutor’s rose. San Francisco voters said enough was enough. Los Angeles voters are on course to muster the required number of signatures by early July to send in their rogue prosecutor, Gasconin a recall election this fall.

The policy of Gascon, of which we spoke previously, is even worse and more dangerous than that of Boudin.

Jonathan Hatami, assistant Los Angeles County prosecutor and vocal critic of Gascon – his boss – told us: “Democrats, Republicans and independents gathered in San Francisco and chose public safety over politics and [over] rogue and radical criminal policies. Chesa Boudin’s reign is over.

He hoped the same fate would befall his boss, saying: “We will do the same here in Los Angeles and call George Gascon back if we all work together…. We can have reasonable criminal justice reforms without sacrificing public safety.

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, facing federal indictment, is on ice with townspeople over her lenient policies, as is Foxx in Chicago. The prosecutor of the city of Saint-Louis, Gardner-another Soros DA-is under an ethical cloud and can lose his law license while presiding over a crime-infested city.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed will name Boudin’s successor, who will serve until the November election. Since Breed has taken a tough stance (at least in words) on enforcement and criticized Boudin’s politics, let’s hope she appoints someone who enforces the law and gives voters what they want; namely, a DA who actually prosecutes criminals.

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