4 ways restaurants can promote online ordering and delivery this winter


As winter approaches, people are more likely to spend time indoors than outdoors. This trend happens every year, so restaurants and diners need to have a strategy to adapt to it. If you are new to the restaurant industry, this time frame is critical in determining durability for the first few years.

Are you looking to optimize your online ordering and delivery service? Check out these four ways restaurants can promote online ordering and delivery this winter.

1. Create an application

Having a website may not be enough these days to generate online orders. Most people regularly browse the internet through their smartphones, so building a phone app as a platform for taking orders online is a must. Designing great apps can be a long and tedious process of testing versions and issues. Considering the long-term benefits that phone apps will bring to your business, it becomes profitable.

Here is a list of the important benefits that an app can bring to your business:

  • Increase Upsell Opportunities: Apps can be a great way to sell particular menu items. You can quickly draw attention to deals and discounts by making them appear as today’s deals when customers open the app. This helps increase your income if used correctly.
  • Easier data compilation: Collecting data on customer behavior and spending habits is crucial in developing your marketing strategy. Apps make this easier by collecting and compiling relevant data when ordering, eliminating the need to organize it before analysis.
  • Increase productivity: Using an app to collect orders online means less burden on your staff. This often results in increased staff productivity, which increases the overall efficiency of your business operations.

2. Update the menu

With the change of seasons, your customers’ taste buds change with the weather. For this reason, adding seasonally appropriate comfort foods to the menu, such as hot soups, sandwiches, and hearty pasta dishes, is a must if you want to see an increase in order volume. Make sure these are user-friendly options for delivery; otherwise, you’ll end up with disgruntled customers complaining about messy deliveries.

Get a little creative and try to add unique touches to traditional dishes. Try different pastas, hot drinks and sauces to give your customers an unforgettable experience. Don’t ignore sugary dishes; pies and puddings make a delicious finish after a satisfying appetizer and main course.

3. Improve your speed

The success of your delivery setup depends on two factors: your menu and your delivery speed. When it comes to food, customers demand fast delivery as most foods lose flavor once the heat wears off. Meeting this demand becomes increasingly important in winter, when food can cool down in seconds if not stored properly upon delivery.

If your delivery speed is slow, your business is prone to criticism and bad reviews, which often has a huge impact on your reputation. This often leads to a decrease in the volume of orders, which can be difficult to overcome, given the many options available to customers today. To ensure prompt delivery, here are some steps you can take when setting up your delivery operations:

  • Train your staff properly.
  • Try to use available data, such as traffic updates, to forecast accurate delivery times to customers.
  • Make sure you employ delivery staff with extensive knowledge of your target geographic area.
  • Always make sure your equipment and vehicles are properly maintained.

4. Get the right point of sale

Ensuring fast and secure payments is an essential part of online ordering and delivery services. If your checkout process is slow or insecure, customers are unlikely to place a second order with you. By combining a quality point of sale system with the tips already discussed above, you can provide a great customer experience.

The right POS can integrate with your app or other mobile ordering apps, making it easy to update the menu and speed up operations. Using your restaurant delivery point of sale software with great service and delivery staff can do wonders for your business.

Prepare your business for winter

The loss of pedestrian traffic in winter has always been a plague for restaurant owners. By understanding and properly using the power of the internet, you can easily make up for this lost revenue through online ordering and delivery. If your business isn’t ready for the upcoming season, you may want to start taking the necessary action right away.

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